a cultural and educational project.
the foundation fondazione tassara was founded in 2008 by romain zaleski.

in 2009 it received recognition from the lombardy regional authority. it provides funding and operates as a non-profit organization with its main sphere of reference being culture, education and training, also through the promotion of and participation in high-quality initiatives at school and university level. it also conducts charitable and social solidarity activities and those of public utility in the territory of the valle camonica, promoting improvements in the quality of life of the community of reference and stimulating its civil, cultural, social, environmental and economic development, also financing specific projects in collaboration with other public and private bodies.

the foundation’s funding activities are conducted through support for territorial projects of various kinds and importance and through the promotion of emblematic projects in which the foundation’s role is proactive, one of orientation and the bringing together of other local institutional players. the approach is, as far as possible, that of networking, through dialogue with the local institutions, the other foundations of the territory and membership of assifero, the association of foundations and philanthropic bodies.

president of the board of directors Massimo Ghetti
board member and treasurer
board member francesca bazoli
board member giacomo canobbio
board member franco polotti
board member felice scalvini
board member Flavio Pasotti
general secretary elena balduzzi
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MITA S.r.l. mita s.r.l. social enterprise

“mita” it is the operational arm of fondazione tassara, focusing on:

  • showcasing the zaleski collection owned by the fondazione tassara (the “collection”)
  • documenting, cataloguing and conserving the collection
  • organizing and promoting cultural events

mita is committed to the restructuring of its future headquarters at via sostegno 32/a.

the board of directors of mita is chaired by wladimir zaleski.
the sole auditor of the company is fabio conticelli.

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