the virtual museum of the tassara collection is a digital space where, by means of a totally personalisable itinerary made-to-measure for each visitor, it is possible to extend your knowledge and to view the most important masterpieces that make up the tassara collection, a stock of over 1300 carpets of inestimable value acquired over time by romain zaleski and donated to the foundation to promote the art of weaving and the culture of the peoples and countries where this tradition has developed across millennia.
conceived as a museum below ground, organised and structured around themed rooms, the virtual museum of the tassara collection has been created with immersive graphics and presents extensive textual, filmic and visual content. browsing is easy and intuitive, allowing visitors to go on an authentic journey in space and time across all borders.
the carpets are distributed around the seven different rooms, each preceded by an introductory hallway and devoted to a different geographical area.